How We Care

home care

At Austin Ben we offer flexible, tailored quality home care to anyone in need of a helping hand for any task, however large or small. Whether you’re in need of around-the-clock care or somebody to have a chat with for an hour a week, our care staff will be happy to assist.

We have our own NMC registered nurse who is regularly in the office and out in the field, advising and supporting staff via legislation, CQC compliance and striving for best practice at all times within clients’ own homes. Our personal care service is unique with nursing, medical and pharmaceutical supervision resulting in high levels of care, protection and safety.

We also know that you do not have to be ill or have a disability to ask for support. Sometimes, whatever our age, things can just get on top of us and a helping hand with chores, personal, business and health matters can make all the difference.

All of our staff are managed with flexibility in mind, so an hour a week can easily become all day, all week and then back to an hour a week as the demands in your life, illness or disability come and go.


disability support

Our staff know how important it is to enable, rehabilitate and promote independence along with upholding rights and all the things that make us an individual.

The care plan or agreed action schedule is designed by you the client. One of our key values is that things must be done your way with you – the client – central to the care and in control of all daily activity.

Some clients may need that safety net of an extra pair of hands each morning or at the other end of the spectrum someone that can do all personal and household tasks to enable access to the day’s activities at home, at work or at leisure.

Our care is not directly led by the disability or diagnosis, it aims to support and empower the individual.

We are all individuals, we all have needs that deserve to be met in the way we choose.


specialised care

Having experienced and trained staff supervised by healthcare professionals, we are able to meet an array of needs. We already manage complex case work, our staff are competent in using varied mechanical aids at home such as ventilators, peg feeds, suction, electric beds, hoists etc. Although complex, we like to think that it is without fuss and the home environment can be kept non-clinical.

Even when needs are complex we still advocate and support the need for social inclusion, continuing our belief that all individuals should be treated the same.

Let’s help you to live life the way you want to…