About Us

Our Mission

To recognise all the needs of our clients and meet these with dynamic, tailored and flexible support, shaping provision around their thoughts, feelings and direction.

Ultimately, we treat our clients the way that we would like to be treated.

We recognise that perfection is often impossible but do all that we can to achieve the best outcome.

Philosophy of Care

At Austin Ben we recognise that simply meeting physical needs with routine tasks is simply not enough if one is to value and respect a client as an individual with personal desires and aspirations.

Traditional medical, nursing and care models do not enable comprehensive assessments to meet varied human daily function which of course we do and do it well.

Personalisation and Social Inclusion are key in supporting an individual to have a place in society and a voice equal to all and as such adopt physchological models in our assessments and plans to enable our clients to flourish.

We do not like to use the word ‘NO’ – much preferring ‘YES’ – applying ‘positive risk assessment’ strategies to enable life style choices that really matter and make a difference.

Loomer Medical acquired Austin Ben in September 2015 as part of its overall strategy for community services.

Offering several services for NHS and private patients, Loomer Medical prides itself in being flexible and dynamic in the ever changing landscape of health care.

Current services at Loomer Medical include ‘several large GP practices, serving 27,000 patients’ and a ‘residential care home meeting the need of people with dementia as well as providing NHS short stay assessment beds’ with further┬áservices in development.

Austin Ben leads the market place with Registered Nurse direction and now boasts the additional quality leadership of medical practitioners.